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An experience design firm built by designers who love people & technology

Our take on design

Whuffie was born out of the simple question, ‘Can we think beyond mere visual interfaces?’. We believe design can significantly impact an organisation at multiple levels. We love our journey towards finding the sweet spot between business objectives and user goals. In the due course, we would like to take up the challenge of defying the commonly poised criticisms like ‘Indians don’t understand design’, ‘Research is not possible in a startup’, ‘Design need to be glamorous’ through our design execution.

We work closely with startups in helping them figure out market-product fit, understanding user behaviour, crafting brand identities, designing digital products, mapping user journeys. Our expertise lies in the translation from design thinking to design doing.

Our Product Journey

Business Understanding

Understanding of your business and the stakeholders in the system.

Product Planning

Mapping the desired experience of the user within the service to define the role of the product.

Contextual Research

Uncovering the behavioural pattern of the users through field interviews and data analytics

Information Architechture

Building hierarchical framework of  data clusters to match the mental model of the user.

Wireframing & Visual Design

Handcrafting the digital product through composition of elements, with an eye for aesthetics.

Design System

Designing an universe of components unique to the product that makes the design robust and scalable.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with some of these interesting startups in the past

First, of it’s kind, an online platform to deliver chef crafted regional cuisines with daily changing menus.

#Mobile  #Web  #UXStrategy  #Foodtech

A loan against the gold lending platform that facilitates NBFC’s to enable transactions at customer’s doorstep.

#Mobile  #Web  #UXStrategy  #Fintech

A platform that manages the recruitment process on behalf of other companies by connecting talent- ed individuals who can demonstrate their skills.

#SAAS  #Web  #HiringPlatform

Pareto aims at bringing a technology intervention in the traditional peer to peer lending chit fund model among trust groups.

#Mobile  #Web  #Fintech

Hardskills empowers young managers in large corporations with required business skills through intense online courses.

#UXResearch  #EdTech

A  fintech startup that provides instant on-demand EMI loans for online e-commerce purchases.


What is Whuffie?

'Whuffie' refers to social capital in a network where trust is traded instead to money to produce goods for common good over individual interests. Whuffie aligns with our philosophy establishing favourable relationships with the people we work with rather than perceiving them as mere transactions. The term ‘Whuffie’ originally appeared in the science fiction novel ‘Down and out in the magic kingdom’. 

From our dribbble folio

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